Friday, May 18, 2018

FInal Week Of Kindergarten! 05/21-05/25

Oh my word, WE HAVE MADE IT to the last week of kindergarten! I feel like I blinked and it's over. From the bottom of my heart thank you! Thank you for trusting me with your sweet babies this year, I had an incredible time getting to know each and everyone of them. 

A couple quick things for next week, Monday/Tuesday are full days the rest of the week Wednesday/Thursday/Friday are half-days, release starting at 11:45. Promotion is on Thursday evening. We will be sending our kindergarten t-shirts on home on Wednesday or Thursday, students may wear them on Friday with their uniform bottoms. Friday we will enjoying pizza and treats with   as we send them off to first grade! I look forward to fun and busy final week with your sweet kiddos! 

Spalding: We will continue reviewing all Spalding phonograms and words.  There will be no official test this week, however there will still be homework Monday-Wednesday.

Literature: This week will read the Wolf and the Seven Little Kids.  We will re-read Little Red Riding Hood so that we can compare and contrast the two stories. We will also spend our final week in kindergarten writing about our awesome school year in a memory book.  Our poem this week will be Hot Cross Buns.

Math:Our last week of math! Wow!  We will be finishing up with some review.  On Tuesday, we will be learning coin names and their values.  Don’t forget to keep working on math over the summer! 

Science: We will wrap up the school year with a couple fun lessons exploring space. We will learn the names of the 8 planets and how they move in space. We will also talk about stars and constellations. Students will get to create and name their own constellation as well!
We had the best time celebrating Mrs. Zavala's birthday, thank you all who made her day extra special!

We have a summer countdown going. Each balloon is filled  a fun activity for the day. We had a freeze dance day!

Thank you Levkowitz Family for taking care of Mr. Fluffy Pants.

After learning all about bugs, we decided to make our own!

Playing the red ribbon drums in Music!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Week 37: 05/14-05/18

Wow, I can't believe next week is the last full week of school. I am feeling all sorts of emotions, happy for all the growth I've seen this year, but selfishly sad because I am going to miss my sweet little cherubs as they venture off to 1st grade. We would like to gift each student a t-shirt for promotion, please follow the link to sign-up for your student's (surprise) T-shirt, we just need their name and size. Your child will be allowed to wear this shirt on the last day of school, Friday 05/25.

A big THANK YOU to you wonderful families for making us feel so very special during Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so grateful for each of you and your sweet children!

Thank you Class Moms for spoiling us rotten this week! 

Here's a look at this week:

Spalding: We have now completed all of the Spalding words and phonograms for Kindergarten.  We will start reviewing some words that we have previously learned, as practice.  Students will receive Spalding homework until Wednesday, May 24th.

Literature: This will be the last week of our Little Bear Unit.  The students have done such an excellent job following along and reading with us.  They have really enjoyed the short stories in the series.

Math: This week we will be going back in our book to complete a few pages for review.  On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, students will be taking a Great Hearts Singapore Math Test.  There is no need to study for this test, as we have been reviewing topics throughout the year.  Tests will not be sent home, and are used to see progress that has been made throughout the year.  Homework will be a combination of review items.

Science: We will continue to watch our chrysalis’ in hopes for our butterflies to emerge! While we wait, our scholars will learn more about insects. They will learn that all insects have 3 body parts, 6 legs, and a pair of antennae. Students will learn more about ants and bees as well as how they use their mouths differently to eat. At the end of the week, students will “invent” their own insect using the insect criteria.

Happy Birthday Mr. Drew!

Thank you Williams Family for the treats!

Happy Birthday Sydney, Thank you Riffle family for the yummy cookies!

The Quan Family took Mr. Fluffy Pants on a fun adventure, he now knows karate.

Because markers make everything more fun!

We finished our unit on fractions by enjoying a fraction pizza!

We loved celebrating Harlee for her birthday, thank you Haught Family for the treats!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Week 36: 05/07-05/11

Happy Friday! Can you believe we have 15 school days left? Time has flown by. A couple quick things for this week. If you have not brought your child's Little Bear book please have your child bring it on Monday. We are having students read aloud so it is important that they have their books. Cap and Gown pictures will go home on Monday, if you do not wish to keep the pictures please return the envelope according to the instructions. Don't forgot to order some books for summer reading from the May Scholastic order, return the form or order online at class code: NBNHM. The final day of clubs is Friday, May 11, exception: K-1 Art.

Spalding:  We continue to incorporate our first 26 phonograms in with our multiple letter phonograms.  It has been a great review for the students.  We will finish all of our Spalding high frequency words this week.  There will be no new concepts taught this week.  Students will have learned how to read and write approximately 180 words, that’s pretty amazing!

Literature:  This week we will continue our adventures with Little Bear.  Students are doing an excellent job following along in their books and taking turns reading aloud. We will continue to practice writing sentences using Little Bear as inspiration for our writing.  Our poem will be Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Math:Students will be introduced to fractions.  They will start by identifying equal parts.  We will use some yummy food to help us understand equal parts.  We will then discuss a half and a fourth.  On Friday, we will have a little pizza party to finalize our unit on fractions.

Science: It’s butterfly week in science! Our class will receive our very own live caterpillars! Scholars will observe the little caterpillars daily and keep track of their growth in their own butterfly journal. We will learn all about the lifecycle of a butterfly, the parts of a butterfly and how they eat. At the end of the week, the kids will use different kinds of pasta to depict the lifecycle.  
This week fun!
Building cities our own Machu Picchu.

Hard at work building a lost city.

Concert Fun.

Everyone looked so nice in their concert clothes.

Ready to sing for you.
We learned about Even Steven and Odd Todd.

Students could only eat their M&M's if they could make them an Even Steven number.

Thank you Kwei Family for giving Mr. Fluffy Pants a fun adventure!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week 35: 04/30-05/04

I blinked it is now May, how did that happen? All those wiggle breaks finally came in handy this weekend. Mr. Howard and I went to a good friends wedding and danced the night away!
We pretend to clean up nice!

A couple quick reminders; Our Spring Concert is this Wednesday, 05/02, at Higley Center for the Arts, kindergarten students must be there by 4:45. If you have any questions reach out to Mrs. Weddle. Our last Scholastic book order will be sent home Monday, please return the book order by 5/09 or order online at using the class code NBNHM. This is a great chance to stock up reasonably priced books for summer reading.

Here's a look at this week:

Spalding We will start adding back our first 26 phonograms into our daily review and homework.  Words will include two syllable words.  Job 4 of silent final e: each syllable must have a vowel.  Rule 18: “a” can not stay the 2nd sound of “a” at the end of an English word, so we use “ay” instead.

Literature: We are continuing our Unit on the Little Bear Series by finishing "Father Bear Comes Home," and starting "Little Bear." Students are writing a journal about each chapter to share with you after we finish the series. Our poem will be Little Boy Blue.

Math: Now that we have learned about numbers to 100, we will discuss what even and odd numbers are.  We will do this by grouping items by twos and noticing that sometimes they always have a partner, and sometimes they don’t.  Students will be able to tell when seeing a number, whether it is even or odd.

Geography: This week we will explore our final continent this year; South America. Students will learn that Spanish is the native language spoken in South America and we will learn some Spanish words! Scholars will learn about the culture, landscape, and foods in Brazil. They will explore Macchu Picchu and even create their own Play-dough ruins. Finally, we will compare the Columbian pledge of allegiance with the US pledge and the kids will get to taste some authentic arepas thanks to Mrs. Zavala.  

We made bird feeders for Earth Day.

Scooter day is the best day!

Birthday Boy having fun!

Students have enjoyed adding to their Little Bear Journal.

Thank you Timothy for showing Mr. Fluffy Pants how to race!
Happy Birthday Kairo, thank you Kwei family for the treats!

Your kiddos earned their ice cream party!


I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!

Lorax Hadi!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 34: 04/24-04/27

Hello Families! I hope y'all have enjoyed your three day weekend, I know I did! We ran the super fun Pat's Run this weekend and used the extra time for extra relaxation.

Pre-race, (I swear he likes me despite his too cool to smile face!)
A couple things for this week; The Usborne Book Fair will run this week,  check in at the front office to visit the book fair on the days and times below:
  • 4/24- Noon - 3:00 (preview only)
  • 4/25- 7:20-8:20; 11:00-4:00 
  • 4/26- 7:20-8:20; 11:00-1:30; 2:30-4:00 
  • 4/27- 7:20-9:00; 11:00-1:30; 2:30-8:00

The volunteer appreciate breakfast is this Friday morning we hope to see you there! The PSO Sock Hop is also this Friday at 6pm, come dance the night away.

Here's the week ahead:

Spalding: Our words this week will include a silent final e with no job (job 5).  We have several words with two letter phonograms that will be underlined once and words that use the second sound of “th”.  We will see Rule 4 and Rule 6 again. Rule 6 states “the letter y, not i, is used at the end of an English word” for example “my”. 

Literature: This week we will begin our unit on the Little Bear Series.  Students should have their Little Bear Box Set in the classroom by Tuesday morning please.  With all the hard work we have been doing with reading, students will be reading in their book along with us. This is something they will be expected to do when they enter first grade.  We plan to read each chapter from now until the second to last week of school.  Once the books go home, students are encouraged to read the books to you over summer break!  Our poem will be It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.

Math: For this short week, we are working on numbers to 100.  We are first going to look at numbers by groups of ten. Ten groups of ten equals 100.  We will then practice writing numbers to 100 and counting by 5s and 2s. Counting by 5s, 10s, and 2s is a great thing to do in the car to and from school.

Science: Happy Earth Day week! We will be learning all about taking care of our Earth this week. We will discuss the effects of pollution in both the air and water and what we should do to help. Scholars will learn about the 3 R’s; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We will sort through various items and decide if we can reuse it or recycle it. We will also learn what happens to our garbage. Students will explore natural resources such as trees, soil, water, and air and non-renewable resources such as coal  and brainstorm ways we use them. We will also make our very own cereal bird feeders! 

Thank you Hamed family for taking good care of Mr. Fluffy Pants.

Starting a kindergarten army.

Hard at work!

Super scholars in action.

My Friend Lunch Bunch Buddies!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Week 33: 04/16-04/20

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday the 13th! I enjoyed my Friday lunch bunch with these cool kids!
A couple quick reminders, Monday 04/23 there will be no school. Friday 04/27 is the Arete Sock Hop, hope to see you there. In a week we will be reading "Little Bear" so please have your child bring their books by Friday 04/20, thanks in advance!

Here's a look at next week:

Spalding: This week we will explore more silent final “e” words and we will learn three words that will build off each other to make spelling a little easier.  We will also understand why we capitalize “I” when we speak about ourselves. We will loop back to the beginning of the two letter phonograms on homework.

Literature: This week will explore two more of Aesop’s Fables, “The Lion and the Mouse,” and “The Stork and the Fox.”  We will dive into the morals of each story and identify the story elements. Our poem will be She Sells Seashells.

Math:Students will understand ways to measure time, starting with day and night.  We will learn to read a clock to the hour.  Students will also work with a calendar and learn to read days and numbers. We will discuss how when one month ends, the next month starts on the next day.

History and Science: This week we will have fun with a unit on the rainforest habitat. Students will learn where rainforests can be found on earth as well as the name of the largest rainforest; the Amazon. We will explore each of the 4 layers of the rainforest as well as the animals and life that can be found there. Students will be able to name and write sentences about many of the rainforest animals. On Friday, the kids will get to pick an animal craft to make! 

Super Scholar!

Waiting for the assembly.

Congratulations to our perseverance award winner, Sami!

Eye Spy with my little eye!

Using magnifying glasses to find words hiding in a picture.

Frog puppet fun.